Wednesday, June 3

Soapstar Superstar

Good evening everyone, I'm really late today, sorry ... I've been out in the garden with my Mum, planting (well ... I should say watching, as my back injury doesn't allow me to do any digging etc ... but I can manage a bit of weeding and of course sweeping up). Today is the first relatively cool day we've had here for over a week, so we took the opportunity to get all the summer bedding plants out, hanging baskets done and tomato plants into bigger tubs. My Mum did a fantastic job, as she always does for me ... tomorrow I'll take some pics, so you can see.
Ok, back to today's card ... I had an unusual request ... for a lady who loves Martin Kemp (member of the 80's group Spandau Ballet and Actor here in UK). I've never been asked for anything like this before, ever. So, I needed help ... luckily I have a friend who collects 80's memorabilia and she was able to send me some black and white magazine photo's of him.To make the card, I used the fact he is an actor and made a couple of film strips, placing the magazine pictures behind each clip (you can just see by the photo that some of the magazine clippings were a bit big ... but they seemed to work out Ok with a bit of jiggling about). Then on "My Craft Studio", I made a faux film set, with lighting etc and added a couple of swirls for extra details ( I also made an insert to match). I then cut a wide strip of white paper, a narrow strip of silver, punched the edges using my floral geo punch and added them onto the card, butting up the straight edges. Black organza ribbon with a bow helped to disguise the join and add extra interest.I used foam pads on the back of the film strips to raise them up and placed them on the card, the horizontal one first, then the vertical one. The small flower waste from the punch was added to the card, with tiny pale blue gems in the centres.

It turned out far better than I expected.
Thanks for stopping by.
Tracie x

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