Saturday, November 21

A Mole Apology

This card was an order. A lady I work with, has a neighbour who for years suffered with moles in her garden. After numerous attempts at humane forms of catching them unfortunately she paid someone to rid her garden of them. She didn't have them destroyed but it must have been very distressing for the moles and she was very upset by this. My friend has a weird sense of humour and wanted a card from the moles apologising for the destruction of her garden, so set me to work on a card with this theme.
With "my craft studio" I made moles diecut pyramage, a gorgeous background and a humorous insert. Then I printed then all out. I matted and layered the front panel and added it to the card. Using spellbinders scallop nesties I made two mats and added the mole pyramage to it. Along with some leaf punches and a punched flower I decorated the front of the card.
Then I simply added the insert and voila, one sorry card from the moles to a lady who was upset she had to have them removed from her garden in such a distressing way. The card made her smile, it was a comfort to her and let's hope the moles are happier in their new home in the countryside.

Enjoy your weekend girls, back soon.
Tracie x

Friday, November 20

Toby Loves Tractor Tom

OK so I couldn't wait until tomorrow.
My great nephew was two yesterday, he's a big fan of tractor tom (a TV show for kids in the UK). So making a card for him was easy, use his name, tractor tom and two.I used "My Craft Studio" to make his name (like a word book) with B and Y on the back of the card and T and O on the front. I made some buttons in different colours and used diecut studio to make some tractor tom pyramage. Then just printed it all out.
Using eyelets I joined the back and front together, I cut out an extra T and B, added chalk around the edges to age the letters and added them to the card with 3d foam. I glazed the buttons with diamond glaze, waited for them to dry then added them to the card. I used a jigsaw piece to add the greeting with a little ribbon through the eyelets. finally I made the pyramage of tractor tom and added it to the centre of the O.I'm really love this one, and Toby's mum (my niece) loved it too.
Back later, ladies.
Tracie x

A Twilighter & Not Ashamed

OMGoodness, just got back from seeing New Moon with a friend, OMG it was fantastic ... awesome, I enjoyed it so much, I've booked to go Monday with my boys. If you haven't been yet, DO, its not completely true to the book but more so than Twilight was. I'm still buzzin ... lol.

I'll be back tomorrow with some cards, that's if I can calm down enough that is, see you then.
Tracie x

Monday, November 2


Hello everyone, I don't know this years just been full off illness for me, I've had a major chest infection over the last week, to the point I've needed to take steroids and antibiotics. And I'm still feeling run down, but wanted to show you a quickie today. Before the chest infection I purchased these baubles real cheap (I mean 8 for 49p cheap), but they were plain and boring. So with some poinsettias I had in my stash, I jazzed them up a little. I just removed the tops, added the flowers and replaced the tops and added ribbon, so easy even the wallpaper could do it.
Hmm, maybe I need to go back and buy other colours?
Hope you like them and good health to all.
Tracie x