Friday, November 20

Toby Loves Tractor Tom

OK so I couldn't wait until tomorrow.
My great nephew was two yesterday, he's a big fan of tractor tom (a TV show for kids in the UK). So making a card for him was easy, use his name, tractor tom and two.I used "My Craft Studio" to make his name (like a word book) with B and Y on the back of the card and T and O on the front. I made some buttons in different colours and used diecut studio to make some tractor tom pyramage. Then just printed it all out.
Using eyelets I joined the back and front together, I cut out an extra T and B, added chalk around the edges to age the letters and added them to the card with 3d foam. I glazed the buttons with diamond glaze, waited for them to dry then added them to the card. I used a jigsaw piece to add the greeting with a little ribbon through the eyelets. finally I made the pyramage of tractor tom and added it to the centre of the O.I'm really love this one, and Toby's mum (my niece) loved it too.
Back later, ladies.
Tracie x

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  1. Ciao, io sono venuta nel tuo blog da Google.IT 's molto bello! Congratulazioni da Italia!
    Bergilde (mamma di 2 bambini)