Monday, June 1

Cuttlebug Update

As you all know, I injured my bug a few weeks ago (and yesterday I had a message from a gentleman called Matt, who said his wife had, had the same thing happen to her) ... after contacting Provocraft (cuttlebug manufacturer), I have a couple of suggestions.

* Provocraft guarantee the Cuttlebug for 12 months, but this only covers manufacturer defects (it does not cover any damage or defect caused in any manner after your purchase).

* The height of your cutting materials should not exceed 1/8" thick. (by running through thicker material, you risk damaging your machine and may negate the warranty).

Having said this ... to my knowledge, I've never over stressed the machine (forced something to go through). However the gears are under great stress when we run items through the machine, so it's understandable that after time these gears become weakened. My bug was nearly three and had covered a large amount of ground, I can tell you, I've made so many cards with it, that it really didn't owe me anything. I have been unable to find anywhere that sell replacement parts for the cuttlebug, I guess it's because the machine itself isn't exactly a considered purchase, say like a digital cutter.

So my hubby is going to try and make a new gear for me, whether it will work or not ... I guess we have nothing to lose. But I have to say, how lucky am I, I married an engineer, whose willing to try and save me buying a new one.

Have a great day everyone.
Tracie x

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  1. My CB handle broke off, apparently from metal fatigue. I called ProvoCraft, and they sent me a new handle (took about a month) for no charge. But it's not possible to reassemble because of the little slit of metal embedded in the base of the machine. :( Had to get a new one. Only used mine one year. Think I'll use my SU Big Shot from now on -- it's sturdier.