Saturday, May 30

Potted Dragons

My sister came round for a cuppa and catchup on Thursday ... she ended up having a go with stamps and asked me a favour! She's a Rainbow Guide Leader and as Father's day is fast approaching and she was at a loss what to do ... could I help? ... she did however bring a gravy tub with her (you know the famous brand granules), with the idea of making it into a pen pot.So, I measured the pot up and on my pc, started to play, to see what I could come up with. I decided on some "Dustin Pike" - digi downloads, because they are generic. I didn't want to do fishing, footie or the like, as not all Dad's do the stereotypical male thing's and besides these dragon's are really cute , I'm sure the Rainbow's will love colouring them in. This project had to be easy, the Rainbow's are between 5 and 8 ... so it could'nt be anything to difficult for them to make.
So once I printed the item's out and coloured them in, I simply used double sided tape to adhere the band around the pot. Then to make the stick decoration ... I cut around the circle, then diecut two scallop nesties and mounted the image onto one of the nesties. Then I stapled the straw flat and used silicone glue (Rainbow's will be using PVA) to sandwich it between the two layers of nesties.

It turned out really cute, I hope the Rainbow's enjoy making them and they're Dads make good use of them. I'll get my sister to take some pic's of their finished pots for you to see.

Happy crafting.
Tracie x

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