Thursday, May 14

Anniversary Quickie

Today I have a real quickie ... I suddenly realised this morning that my friends wedding anniversary is today and I hadn't made a card!So I quickly went through my store of bought cards, that I keep when we have been sent them for our birthdays etc. I found this beautiful silver embossed heart and thought I would use it. I simply cut it out and matted it over some oil on water vellum torn gently and wrapped down the spine of the card, finished with a silver peeloff border on the back to hide the cut edge. Then I punched some flowers from the vellum, added silver gems and placed them on the heart. With a peeloff heart in the botton right corner, just to balance the card.

Quick, easy and simple, yet clean and elegant ...
and just in time, as she arrived just after I had put it in the envelope ... phew!

Enjoy your day.
Tracie x

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