Tuesday, May 12

Disaster Struck

I realise I haven't been around for a few days and I apologise, but I'm a little dis-hearted and gutted ...

I was happily sat working on cards ... stamping, colouring, punching flowers and using my nesties through my cuttlebug ... sheer bliss you say ... I thought so too! I love my nesties and use them all the time ... and here's the disaster.

While running them through the bug to cut silver mirri, I noticed it wasn't running as smooth and easily as it should ... so I went into reverse to remove the sandwich and RUNCH ... OH NO!

I new instantly I'd done something serious, as I tried to turn the handle with no sandwich in it, it wouldn't turn properly ... now i'm stressed and upset.

With my hubby being an engineer, I asked him to take a look ... and my worst fears were realised. I had broken some teeth off the top roller gear. "Can you mend it?" I asked desperately.

He replied ... "I don't have the tools, not even at work, but I could ask my boss if I could make a tool, so i can make a new gear, though I can't guarantee anything". So he's left my bug in pieces in a box and has taken the gear roller with him to work.

I do hope he's able to mend it ... what am I gonna do without it?

Hope your crafting's happier than mine.
Tracie x

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  1. Yeah..the same gear problem happened to my wife cuttlebug too. Any solution to your problem??