Wednesday, April 15

Knit One For Mother

Can you knit?I used b-b-q skewers to knit on (20 stitches/15 rows), which turned out to be an absolute nightmare, they kept splitting and catching the yarn, by the time I was finished, I'd come to wish I hadn't started. I used wooden beads on the end, once I decided how long I wanted them.I used a ready made handbag card that I had in my stash. I printed a knitting pattern and wool label (both personalised with recipients name). I draw around a pair of small scissors from my tool kit, cut out all the pieces and attached them with a gold brad.I made a pocket out of contrasting paper and ruffled the bottom edge, so that the pocket actually stands out away from the card, so that I could add my items into the pocket. Went around the card with faux stitches.To finish the card I added dark blue flowers with punched centres and a gold mini brad, with Leone Em ash branches punched from white paper. Finally I added a mini blue envelope and white greeting card with mini flowers.

Tracie x

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