Tuesday, April 20

A For Adorable

Don't you just love making something that stretches your creativity?
I've had a go at decorating candles loads of times, but did the usual stamping on paper and wrapping it around the candle. This time I used some dimensional stickers. Previously I've avoided using stickers on candles as they lay flat and don't do much to inspire me, but these new stickers from "Anita's" are dimensional. They have parts of the sticker that aren't sticky ... so they only attach to your project in certain places allowing you to shape the bits that don't stick down ... totally cool.
I purchased two scented candles (one vanilla, one berry) and removed the wrapping. I added the dimensional stickers but shaped them so that they stood out from the candle. Unfortunately they didn't stick to the candle very well and had to use glue gel to stop them peeling away. Once this was done, I stamped my sisters name onto the candle with black stayzon (A is her initial too).Then I made a gift bag to match, but silly me forgot to take photos before I packaged the candles ... doh. I added some of the stickers to the gift bag and a gorgeous die cut butterfly, with a scallop circle monogram to finish. I'm really pleased with how adorable they look.

Crafty hugs.
Tracie x

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