Saturday, March 20

No Ordinary Tag

This is my last upload for today, going out tonight so need to freshen and glitz myself up, lol.
This isn't a card, just a tag ... well not just a tag ... a tagged gift.To make this I recycled a card from last year, sprayed a fir cone gold and used a poinsettia from a tree decoration pack. All the gifts in the box are handmade by me. It's just that last year and the one before were really tight financially (as it's been for everyone), so I decided that I would make my gifts for Christmas. Not just to help save pennies but to go back to what Christmas is all about ... the act of giving something personal and sentimental. I made some necklaces (which I'll post some pics of later), some chocolates in wine glasses and a small bottle of wine. I wrapped it all in cellophane, used a bow from the same tree decoration pack and some red curly wrapping ribbon.I loved them and for those that were crafty ... well they got a little crafty surprise in their gift too. I'm definitely doing the same for this year ... I just haven't decided what yet.

Enjoy the rest of your day, be back tomorrow with more crafty treats.
Tracie x

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