Thursday, March 25

Wedding Woo's

Sorry I haven't posted any cards the last couple of days, but I'm busy making wedding invites for my niece, who's getting married in June.

White and gold, with ribbon and embossed hearts on the front. Tri-fold with two pockets, one for the R.S.V.P and one for the gift list, with the invite in the centre. Writing all gold embossed, with some gold stamped and embossed swirls. They've turned out to be quite time consuming with all the different elements needing to be separately before I can put them all together, but they look fantastic, so will be worth the effort.

Of course when I'm finished I'll post some pics, but not till she's sent them out, otherwise someone in the family might see them before they receive theirs ... wouldn't want to do that.

Have a great day crafting.
Tracie x

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