Saturday, March 20

Mini Mayhem

Now this card was fun to make. A friend from the gym i go to had a fast approaching birthday. She had recently purchased a mini (car), which she loved.

So I sent my hubby out to get a photo of the mini ... with the aim of using it on her card. Well he tried several times, it was either to dark, to bright, blurred or she hadn't come to the gym in it. A complete nightmare ... so I decided to try and find a similar looking car on the net. I searched for hours before I found this image, one problem ... the mini was red, not the gold it should be.
You may have heard me talk about a graphics program I use called "My Craft Studio", this program is simply my best purchase ever. What it can do for a crafter is unbelievable, anyway, I uploaded the photo into the program and transformed the mini from red to gold with a touch of a button. "My Craft Studio" allows you to make pyramage sheets, which you can print out onto pre-diecut sheets, so i used this for the mini.

I then made a background and a butterfly to match in the same graphics program, and printed it all out. Then with a bit of layering and some gorgeous burgundy ribbon the card was finished and she loved it.

Thanks for looking.
Tracie x

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