Tuesday, September 8

Totally Tooled Up

I've had a quiet few days, boys back at school, Ashley just started year 11 and Kieran year 9. Craig went back to work Monday after a two week holiday of which we had to cut short because I was diagnosed with swine flu and had to go into quarantine for seven to ten days. So I've been attempting to relax before my return to work on Friday, which also happens to be our wedding anniversary (with love to those of 9/11).I've discovered over the past few months that I quite enjoy computer crafting. I don't need to go to the shop if I need backing paper or an embellishment ... just design/make one. I can do it anytime, even at 2am and I have. I purchased a program called "My Craft Studio" (I've mentioned "MCS" loads of times) I love it. You can make embellishments, backing papers, inserts, envelopes, tags, boxes, decoupage, pyramage, in any size or colour, basically anything goes, as long as the image you are using is a jpeg ... I mean how cool does that sound. You can use an image from one of "MCS" CD's (there are are few out now ranging from Christmas, men, flowers, celebrations and more), you can even use a photo, one of your own designs or any jpeg from any craft CD you already own.So that's how this card came about, I was playing around in "MCS" and came across this image of tools. With my brother-in-law being a carpenter, I had to make it into a card for him. Using my new found best friend this is what I came up with. Then I just printed out all the components onto decoupage paper and made the card. I used a backing paper, decoupage, insert and paper buttons (glossy accents). Then printed out an envelope to match. Honestly I spent more time playing on the PC, than I did making the card ... opps ... but its seriously addictive.If you come across this program, I definitely recommend you try it, you'll be amazed at the possibilities ... I certainly have. Don't get me wrong I still love going and touching (and buying) all the gorgeous velvet/glittered/textured papers etc that you simply wouldn't get out of a printer. But computer crafting definitely has it's place in my crafting world.

With love
Tracie x

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