Tuesday, September 8

You've Been Framed

I thought you might like to see the little project I tried today.

You know what it's like we've had the children at home for the past seven weeks and you can't wait for them to go back to school for the piece and quiet, and the day they finally do go back, the house is so empty its kind of lonely, so ...I was watching craft on TV this morning with my coffee (trying to fill a gap between housework and thinking of what to cook for tea) when they made these gorgeous frames. From paper, origami folded similar to fortune tellers with no glue, just brads and ribbon. They are so simple to make.

I haven't put photos in mine yet, but think it would be better to do that before you tie the ribbon. Just imagine the possibilities (all the occasions and designs that can be done, these were just quickies to have a go, but I now have so many ideas) ... and they can be made any size (mine were made from 8"x 8" scrapbook paper and ended up 10cm square), as long as you start with a square the technique is the same.If there's enough interest, I can always do a tutorial.
Hoping you've all had a great day ... with love.
Tracie X


  1. I would love a tutorial. these are beautiful!

  2. beautiful.....would love directions!

  3. These frames are GORGEOUS!!! I would love to know how you did them!!!