Thursday, March 19

Hummingbird & Fushia

Always one to try something new ... this was my first cd rom from Joanna Sheen by Jane Netley Mayhew. I have to say the images are stunning and the cards just look amazing.I printed out a background, two bookmarks and a sheet of toppers. By doing this I was able to decoupage the hummingbird and fushias. I used pink skeleton leaves and home made fushias and tiny white flowers. I finished the card with a peeloff greeting and gems.

I made these fushias, by punching a deep pink five petalled flower, I snipped between two petals and glued the two outer petals together, so that it became cone shaped and only had four petals. I shaped the petals a little bit with a 6mm ball tool.

For the insides I punched six small pale pink hearts and chalked the tops with dark pink. Then I curled the hearts and placed a pea sized blob of silicone glue into the cone shape and inserted the heart petals into it. I arranged them so that they overlapped slightly on each turn, moving towards the middle as I went. Finally I used florist wire cut at different lenths tipped with pva and pink glitter, then inserted them into the centre of the fushia. A little fiddly to do, but well worth the end result.

I will be making tutorials for the crepe paper and floral punch art flowers at some stage in the near future. But which way would you prefer to see them - photographic or Video? I'm interested in your thoughts.

Tracie x

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