Thursday, March 19

Kurtis Kwon Do

I was asked by a friend if I could make a card for her son, who is a black belt in tae kwon do ... it threw my a little, as I've only ever seen stamps with silhouette images and I didn't really want that.
After much searching I found a picture I was able to adapt, so I redesigned the image to make it suitable for cardmaking and made decoupage layers. The image was then watercoloured, scanned into my pc and printed out, so I can use the design again.

I have a large collection of clipart cd's (40+ from my typesetting days for a printing company) and found some oriental script that fitted the theme perfectly. I printed this from my graphics program straight onto the card and onto an insert to tie the theme together.

I added a typed sentiment and matted it onto red card, used black paper strips and a faux coin to finish ... I'm pleased with the result and made my very own decoupage sheet in the process.

Tracie x

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