Wednesday, March 18

Quilled Wedding Bells

I don't know about you but I like to try different crafts within my card making, I've done several cards with quilling on and thoroughly enjoyed the end results. The quilling technique book I purchased had some gorgeous 3d examples in it that were stunning, so me being me I had to something 3d for myself.
These came about because I wanted something unique to give as a bridal gift. Blimey, they took forever, I worked out the first bell took me twelve hours and the second only eight, as I had already worked out the pattern with the first bell.

Every shape is hand quilled from 4mm wide white strips of paper and so are the ninety-six roses, forty-eight on each bell and then painstakingly glued together into the bell shape, which I did by using a sugarcraft bell mould, as a pattern to build around.

To help waterproof it, I sprayed them with paper varnish, the kind you can use on paintings to protect them.

I was pleased with them and everyone's response on the big day was of amazement, that I had made them, would I do it again ... probably not ... I'm to impatient, lol.

What do you think?

Tracie x

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