Wednesday, March 18

Romantic Roses

I made this card a while ago now, but as this is my first entry, I wanted to make it a special one.

I wanted to show you my crepe paper roses. My Mum is a sugarcrafter and it was her suggestion I tried to adapt her technique to paper. After much playing with different mediums I found crepe paper to be the best for roses, poppies and carnations (so far). The small white flowers are simply a mini flower punch threaded on to floral sugarcraft wire and taped together in bunches.

I made a double aperture card, with one oval larger than the other, both layers have 3d foam squares between them, so the card is roughly 2" deep, once the flowers are added on.

I will do a tutorial for the crepe paper roses at a later date.

I'm new to the blogging world, be gentle with me!

Tracie x

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