Thursday, March 19

Red Roadstar

I don't know about you but I can never bring myself to throw a card away, handmade one's I keep in a special box and shop bought cards get recycled. This card was made using a recycled card (I cut out the car/birthday greeting/star border and you, from a greeting card). I made a diamond fold card using my B&M score board, added backing paper and faux stitching, with a few red peeloff stars.I made the faux stitching with a dressmakers wheel and joined the holes with a sakura pen, its amazing how similar it looks to real stitching.

Extremely simple, but I like the end result and I did a bit of recycling too, we all want to save the pennies on our craft goodies and using old cards in this way is a great way of getting toppers for free (and get the people you know to keep theirs for you too - you'll soon be over run).

Tracie x

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  1. What a great idea to recycle....fab card!

    Welcome to blogland.....your blog looks fab X