Thursday, March 19

What No Embellishments!

It was my birthday at the beginning of the February, and my hubby bought me a filing cabinet (his vain attempt to get me to sort my craft stash), I took the hint and since then I've been slowly sorting through the numerous boxes ... you wouldn't believe the amount of stuff I have (on reflection you probably can!), anyway ... I found so many flowers, beads, gems, ribbon and so on and so on.When Craig saw exactly what I had, (and after he recovered from the shock), he wondered if he took every thing away, except card, paper and tools, would I be able to make a card or were all the extra's actually needed?

... I can see his point, I do have an extremely large craft collection.So, I set myself a challenge, can I make a card using no embellishments at all ... of course I can.

I'm now rather embarrassed that I've been buying things I don't need ... just believe I do ... this may, I realise, have been Craig's plan all along!This card has been hand drawn (so no stamps were used) the flowers were hand drawn, scallop punched and cut into to form the petals, they were then shaped with a bone folder. I used a border punch on the base layer and the scraps from the punch used as small flowers on the card ... so no prima flowers, ribbon, beads, brads, gems or even glitter in sight.

Who needs embellishments ...................... I DO, there's nothing like a gem or two to change the feeling of a card, just don't tell my hubby, lol.

Tracie x

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